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Progressive approach and a lustrous choice of subjects have launched Bert Stern towards the status of one of the most famous American photographers of all time. Even though he started in a humble mailroom of a magazine, he learned the art of the camera quickly, building his career in the most prestigious fashion magazines of the time. He worked with Vogue, Esquire and Glamour magazines, and shot commercial campaigns for a range of multinational companies such as Pepsi or Volkswagen. To this date, his celebrated photograph of a Martini glass shimmering in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is considered the cornerstone of modern commercial photography because of its meaningful visual simplicity.

A pioneer of the new style, Stern favored clean, emotionally charged images, aiming to enhance the subject’s persona. Among his portraits, we can find photographs of stars such as Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Truman Capote.

However, the most celebrated series of photographs came out of Stern’s 1962 collaboration with Vogue, in which he photographed Marilyn Monroe. The series was made only six weeks before the actress’ death, and is known as “The Last Sitting”. In 2008, the artist recreated photographs from this series in collaboration with Lindsay Lohan instead of Marilyn. He remained dedicated to his art until his death.

Born in Brooklyn in 1929, Bertram Stern a.k.a. Bert lived and died in New York in 2013.

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