Chihuly Authentication

May 13, 2024

Learn about the process of authenticating Chihuly glass with Modern Artifact. We will walk you through some steps you can take to analyze your own art.

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How Much Does a Chihuly Cost?

February 07, 2024

Dale Chihuly artworks can sell for anywhere between four and six figures. Learn the costs of Chihuly glass, chandeliers, and other artworks.

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How to Buy Chihuly Art

January 06, 2024

How to Buy Dale Chihuly Artworks Introduction Dale Chihuly"Ruby Macchia" Navigating the vibrant world of Dale Chihuly's art can be as mesmerizing as the artworks themselves. From the intricate glass sculptures to the bold paintings and prints, Chihuly's creations have captivated collectors and art enthusiasts alike. But how does one...

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Bob Ross Painting Authentication

October 24, 2023

<p>Get an insider’s look at the process for how to authenticate a Bob Ross painting. Learn more with the Bob Ross experts at Modern Artifact.</p>

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