Benefit from our Proprietary Search Engine software to find the One!

The team at Modern Artifact is experienced at buying and selling today’s most collected artists. Almost a decade ago, the founder of MA started to develop a search engine that would do the work of dozens searching the world for the pieces they were trying to find. As of 2019, MA is now offering our search service to all potential customers.

Modern Artifact’s art advisors provide expert advice on acquiring and selling art wisely. We place education at the center of our service so that our clients are empowered to make informed decisions.

Modern Artifact’s team of in-house experts specialize in offering all levels of art advisory to collectors, whether they are seasoned or new to collecting. We are focused on supporting clients to pursue their unique interests, whether those interests are passion, decorative, or investment driven.

Our internal art team’s knowledge of art and the art market is the foundation of our own success. Our director began his career in fine art over a decade ago. Unlike other art advisory groups, our team manages its own collection and is constantly purchasing and selling that collection on a daily basis. Over 98% of Modern Artifact’s income as of 2018 came from buying and selling its own art. As of 2019, we will now be offering our that same technology and understanding of the market to our customers.

Modern Artifact offers a discreet and transparent service independent of auction houses, art dealers and galleries, providing an unbiased and client focused approach to the art market. We don’t just claim to be experts in field of fine art, we make a living buying and selling our own collection.