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Jeff Koons is frequently considered the most famous contemporary artist today. Created to speak to the broadest group of spectators, Koons’ artwork offers a multi-layered dialogue, from its approachable and familiar appearance, to the more profound levels of information.

Iconographies of popular culture and advertising are deeply embedded in the artist’s practice. Ever since his rise in the 80s, his eclectic approach to artmaking included aspects of Pop and Conceptual art enriched with appropriated elements, which contributed to the artist’s recognizable and unique artistic style. Often controversial, the art of Jeff Koons delves into sexual, emotional, and sociocultural subjects, investigating consumerism and identity related issues of the contemporary world.

In exploration of such abstract concepts, Koons is the creator of the idea, the most valuable part of his work. He entrusts the material creation of his concepts to skillful technicians employed in his studio, while the “artist’s hand” is not of any importance to him.

“Art is about what happens inside you, and nothing to do with being something inside that object” he said in a 2015 interview, supporting the theory that his art, even though deliberately banal at times, is designed to awaken the deepest sentiments and contemplations in its beholder.

Finally, Koons is also one of the most expensive living artists. His large-scale Balloon Dog (Magenta) auctioned off by Christie's in 2013 is considered the most expensive piece ever sold by a living artist.

Jeff Koons was born in 1955 in York, PA. He lives and works in New York.

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