''The Rehearsal'' Bronze Sculpture Contemporary Art Dance Performance


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Artist: Mario Jason
Title: The Rehearsal
Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Size: Measures 43-1/4" H x 15" W x 10-1/4" D
Inscription: Signed and numbered on bottom of dancer's foot
Edition: X/50
Condition: Good condition overall
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Mario Jason's "The Rehearsal" bronze sculpture perfectly showcases the artists keen eye for detail and unmatched ability to capture the beauty of dancers in motion. "The rehearsal" features two ballet dancers, a male and a female, performing a lift. The dancers' graceful limbs, pointed toes, and flowing hair make the statue exceptionally life-like. Thanks to the subject matter and medium, this traditional style bronze sculpture has a timeless appeal.

Mario Jason is an admired artist who sculpts dancers in motion. He is inspired by all forms of dance, and his sculptures vary widely in discipline from ballet to ballroom. Jason sculpts in the traditional style, with an unmatched eye for detail. A student of dance and anatomy at the Otis Parson Art Institute, Jason’s first-hand knowledge of the way dancer’s bodies move allow his to create a unique sense of movement in his sculptures.

Mario Jason was born in 1938 in Buenos Aries, Argentina. In 1948, he attended the School of Drawing and Sculpture in Israel. After moving to Los Angeles in 1962 and attending the Otis Parson Art Institute, he began working with wire and sheet metal in his early sculptures. In 1983, Mario Jason decided he wanted to take his art in a new direction. He sold his studio and opened a foundry where he could begin work on his iconic bronze sculptures. Jason’s bronze sculptures quickly became popular with both art critics and celebrities. Unlike most other sculptors, Jason controls and executes every step of the process, from mold making to foundry work. After 2014, Mario Jason began creating acrylic sculptures that merged elements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. He called this new style “2D3D” art.

Mario Jason’s sculptures combine heavy and substantial materials with the ethereal, airy quality of dancers in motion. His traditional style sculptures have timeless appeal thanks to their richly detailed subject matter and Jason’s unparalleled eye for detail.

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