Steve Kaufman

Al Pachino Scarface Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Documented

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Artist: Steve Kaufman
Title: Cohiba Pacino
Medium: Original Oil Painting on Screen print Canvas
Size Framed not framed in line to be framed and updated.  Previously Stretched
Size Unframed: 39'x37''
Size Framed: 41x42.25
Edition size: No edition original one of one
This is an Ultra rare image done by Steve Kaufman that is one of one and no others exist in the world.  This piece is in great shape and ready to be framed to your liking.  As you know Steve Kaufman's legacy has lived on and the rare images like this one create the highest demand for his work. The COA is directly from the past manager of Steve Kaufman and the piece was bought directly through him.  Place your best offer to take this very rare and hardly never seen image done by the great Steve Kaufman.

Condition: This piece is in perfect condition.  The piece has been framed using a new technique we have found to be unbeatable with screen prints and preventing the sag often seen in them.  We use a reversible glue to hard mount the piece which can easily be reversed by running a hair dryer over the piece and pulling off the board.  This prevents the sag that happens on these piese over time.  In addition to that it gives an extremely rich look to the piece and comes out looking more like an acrylic painting on board.  Extremely impressive and should you ever want to go back to the traditional stretched looked with a little sag you still can.  Our process cost a little more, but looks ten times better!  Check out the pictures for a better idea

Steve Kaufman is one of the most influential pop artists in U.S. history.  His work appreciated for both its technical merit and its historical importance in pushing the pop art movement forward.  Steve Kaufman single handedly transformed pop art from a discipline focused on ordinary object to art with social relevance. Even by artist standards, Steve Kaufman was an extremely precocious child.  He held his first art show at his synagogue when he was only 8 years old, and works from that show are now hanging in the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Brooklyn, New York.  At age 12, Kaufman achieved his first commercial success when he was commissioned to paint custom pet rocks for the New York City Macys department store.  Kaufman continued to experience success selling his art during his teens before enrolling in the famous New York institution the Parsons School of design.

Steve Kaufman met the American pop art pioneer Andy Warhol at Studio 54 in New York City.  The two soon developed a friendship and working relationship where Kaufman served as Warhol’s assistant at his famous studio called “The factory.”  Kaufman was heavily influenced by Warhol’s style. He and Warhol used many of the same mediums including, sculpture, photography, stained glass, mixed media and filmmaking, but his paintings and prints are by far the most famous.  He is also famous for painting unusual objects, including Mercedes Benz and a Formula One Race Car. He is famous for painting celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Muhammed Ali, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie Kennedy.  He also produced a very successful screen print series of Cohiba cigars that remain some of Kaufman’s bestselling work today.

Early American pop art focused on making ordinary objects and images into wo

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