Rare Prehistorical Triceratops Horn, Dinosaur Fossil, Archeological Artifact


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Subject: Triceratops horn and face partial face plate, bone
Size: 30" L x 13.5" W (76.2 cm x 34.3 cm); with the horn extending 14.5" L (36.8 cm); 20" H (50.8 cm) on included custom stand
Condition: Museum quality
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity from Modern Artifact as well as full provenance (showing the fossil found on private land in North Dakota)

Dinosaur bones are some of the most impactful artifacts in the world - and the triceratops horn is perhaps the most recognizable of them all. This particular fossil was discovered on private land in North Dakota and comes with full provenance as well as a certificate of Authenticity from Modern Artifact. This specimen not only includes the horn, but also part of the dinosaur's face plate not commonly seen in this size still attached to the horn. This fossil dates back to approximately 68 millions years BCE. Dinosaurs are beloved by children and adults alike, as they represent ancient world history of a time very different from our own. The chance to own any prehistoric artifact is a rare and exciting opportunity, but this triceratops horn is an excellent and iconic specimen that will stand the test of time.

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