Peter Max

Peter Max Signed Original Painting Grammy Contemporary Art

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Artist: Peter Max
Title: Grammy
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Original
Dimensions: canvas: 12" x 9"; frame: 18" x 15" x 1"
Year: 1989
Edition: Original
Inscription: Signed "Max" on front, Year and Studio number on back
Condition: Very good condition overall
Documnetation: Includes gallery certificate of authenticity

Peter Max's modern body of work relies on repeated iconic motifs, often related to quintessential American imagery including the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag. A former official artist of the Grammy awards, the Grammy award itself has become a similar obsession of Max's. He has rendered it in a range of colors and mixed media treatments throughout his career. This 1989 original painting on canvas illuminates the repeated form with a rainbow of brightly saturated colors. The painting features the heavy brushstrokes and color blocking we've come to expect from Max's modern-era work.

Peter Max's 1989 original "Grammy" painting is signed "Max" on the front and is dated with the studio edition number on the back. The work is in excellent condition and includes a gallery certificate of authenticity from Modern Artifact.

About Peter Max

A painter of celebrities and icons, Peter Max is world-renowned for his signature visual language featuring bright nuances of the rainbow spectrum. His colorful body of work embodies the spirit of the psychedelic 60s and transmits its optimism throughout all the prolific decades of the artist’s activity.

The practice of Peter Max transcends all media, from drawing and painting to sculpture, print and graphic design, while the iconography he employs is highly recognizable and relatable to the broad public. Sometimes described as a neo-expressionist, Max is actually considered one of the most productive and commercially successful pop artists to date. Throughout his career, he collaborated with numerous companies, events and organizations, designing lines for General Electric, and serving as the official artist of the Grammy Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, but also for five Super Bowls, the World Cup, the World Series, and the US Open among others. He is also the author of one of the better known US postage stamps and he had the opportunity to place his artwork on a Continental Airlines Boeing 777. Six American presidents have been among commissioners of Peter Max’s art, while his works were exhibited in over 100 museums and galleries across the planet.

Synesthetic Art of Peter Max is eclectic and figurative, always clad in a kaleidoscopic palette. From his memorable Lady Liberty series, over the famous people and imagery inspired by music, to the more recent Obama series and the Masters Series in which he reinterpreted some of the most famous works from art history, we can follow Max’s oeuvre that has given him the status of a true American cultural icon.

Born in 1937 in Berlin as Peter Max Finkelstein, the artist had an exciting and nomadic upbringing in China, Israel, and France, following the final settlement of his family in the United States. Today, Peter Max lives and works in New York City, NY.

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