Paul Stankard

Glass Paperweight Fine Art Green Apple Blossom with honey Bee Signed


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Artist: Paul Stankard
Description: Green Apple blossom branch with budding flowers with honey bee
Medium: Lampworked Hand Crafted Glass
Size: 3" Cube Series
Signed: Etched Paul J. Stankard
Condition: Museum Quality
Provenance: Gallery Certificate of Authenticity 

Paul Stankard’s unmatched ability to perfectly capture the most minute of details in lifelike perfection is on full display in this green apple blossom with honey bee glass paperweight.  The richly colored green glass sets a modern background for the classical techniques Stankard employs within. Every aspect of this sculpture is blown by hand and assembled by the artist.  The details are so delicate any life like, many observers believe the botanicals and insects are actual real, preserved from nature rather than man made. The delicate wings of the honey bee are one of Stankard’s most famous techniques, and his paperweights that contains bees are his most sought after and best-selling. Paul Stankard’s handblown green glass paperweight with apple blossom and honey bee is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Modern Artifact. 

The majority of Paul Stankard’s glass paperweights have the botanical landscap set in a clear paperweight. The vibrant green background of this piece makes this Stankard unique and especially attention grabbing. The delicate apple blossom nicely showcases Stankard’s impression technique and attention to detail. The bee has become somewhat of a signature, appearing in a number of his works. Paul Stankard has elevated paperweights from ordinary objects to breathtaking art.

Paul Stankard has revolutionized the paperweight and made a name for himself as one of the most talented glass artists in the world. He is crediting with elevating the paperweight from an office supply to the level of fine art, with his work now showcase in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Louvre in Paris.

Born in 1943, Stankard began his glass career working as a glassblower making scientific instruments. In 1969, he began experimenting with paperweights in a quest to use his technical proficiency in glass blowing for something more creative. The technique Paul Stankard used created botanicals inside the paperweights with such hyper-realism that many people thought the paperweights included actual flowers. Stankard creates each element of the paperweight individually, paying close attention to every detail from color to texture before assembling the final product. His work takes in the entire scope of nature, extending far beyond placing a pretty floral bloom in a paperweight: he often includes insects, roots, and complete natural systems. While the majority of popular glass artists in the world today create modern work, Stankard’s classical and timeless designs created with stunning realism allow his work to stand out.

The spiritual element of botany plays an important role in Stankard’s work. He emphasizes that beauty can be found in unexpected places. In addition to being a glass artist, Paul Stankard is also a prolific author who has written several poems, articles, and two books.

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