Paul Stankard

Original Glass Paperweight with Yellow Flowers, Blueberries, and Honeybee


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Artist: Paul Stankard
Title: Paul Stankard Paperweight Seeds Cane and Yellow Lillys with Wildflowers and Bursting seed Pots
Size: 3.5" x 2.40"
Year: 1997
Signed: Etched Paul J Stankard s35 97'
Condition: Museum Quality
Provenance: Gallery Certificate

If you haven't had the chance to see Paul work his magic please visit one of the many videos on youtube. The technical difficulty is beyond the talents of most anyone glass artist in the world. Please visit youtube, and get lost in what is Paul Stankard.

This particular piece displays a lot of those technical aspects not duplicated by any other glass artist in the world. Beautifully yellow Lillys, with seed pods bursting. Seeds Seeds Seeds! First to meet our bottom line will call this Stankard their own.

About the word cane "Seeds" within this piece: The actual word cane mosaic in this piece is built by Stankard, who individually forms each letter. The mostaic letters are then budled and redrawn to form one word, at which point they are dealry an inche wide. After repeated drawing the final size of the word canes is about 1/8" across!! Intended to be read with a magnifying glass in his work, the artist's full vocabulary includes wet, pollen, scent, seeds, fertile, you, and terra.

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