Peter Max

Original Acrylic Painting Commissioned "Zero Celebration" Large 50" x 60" Canvas 1/1 Image Rare


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Artist: Peter Max
Title: Zero Celebration
Medium: Original Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 50" x 60"
Framed: 51" x 61"
Year: 1988
Peter Max Studio Number: 4868
Provenance: Original Owner -> Museum -> Museum Auction -> Purchased by Modern Artifact

Condition: Museum quality with thick acrylic brush strokes. A few minor patchy area's of white that expose a layer of white paint under some of thick acrylic colorful strokes. When examined under our microscope it is clear that these ares are not wear and organic in the way they paint slide across the layers of paint under them. No repairs were found under black light. It really doesn't get any better than this piece right here.

This piece was original commissioned for Barbara Riley Levin the wife of Gerald "Jerry" Levin for his birthday. Max was close friend with the two of them and this was a gift to them commissioned by Barbara. According to Wikipedia Gerald M. "Jerry" Levin is an American mass-media businessman. Levin is known for his involvement in brokering the merger between AOL and Time Warner in 2000, at the height of the dot-com bubble, a merger which seemed to many to be disadvantageous to Time Warner as the bubble collapsed in the next few years.

It is extremely rare to find a larger Peter Max canvas painting. That is a major reason that an and all major collectors focus on the larger canvases. This particular piece, "Zero Celebration", is particularly rare given the one of image that was painted. Zero was Jerry's favorite character.

Peter Max is known for pouring an enormous amount of love into his art and wanting to share that love with those around his pieces. This piece exemplifies that spirit better than any image we have ever come across.

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