Nicola Simbari

Nicola Simbari Forto di Mentone Original Oil Painting Contemporary Art


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Artist: Nicola Simbari
Title: Forto di Mentone
Medium: Original Oil on Canvas
Size: Sheet measures 39" x 42 3/4"
Inscription: Signed in lower right
Year: 1983
Edition: Original
Condition: Painting is very good quality, new frame
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Nicola Simbari is a renowned Italian modern artist and master of painting with a palette knife. His paintings capture scenes of the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean seaside. Often associated with the avant-garde movement, his artworks capture a fleeting reality in a constant state of motion, an impression of life and nature. Additionally, his scenes of everyday life capture beauty and romance while telling a story.

Though Simbari’s style incorporates aspects of Abstract Expressionism and Geometric Abstraction, he continuously developed new colors and graduations to expand the range of his palette. This constant development led to the creation of his style, Simbaresco. This painting technique embraces a unique approach to color, form, and texture.

Forto di Mentone depicts a scene from a coastal village, most specifically that of Menton. The painting embraces color fields, heavy impasto, and rhythmical patterns characteristic of Simbaresco. Furthermore, Simbari uses various hues of blues to capture the ocean and sky while depicting the cinematic composition full of light.

Forto di Mentone includes a gallery certificate of authenticity. The work is signed on the lower right. Furthermore, the painting is in very good quality and includes a new frame.

About Nicola Simbari:

The Italian painter Nicola Simbari is best known for his vibrant and exuberant works created in the impressionistic style. The artist once described his works as entries in a diary as each of them is a reaction to things he saw or felt. His canvases reflect his personal enthusiasm and an enormous zest for life, having an infectious appeal.

After graduating from the Accademia Delle Belle Arti, Nicola Simbari opened his first studio in Rome at the young age of 22. Shortly after his solo exhibition in London, he was commissioned to paint murals for the Italian Pavilion at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, which garnered much critical acclaim.

Scenes from Simbari’s childhood in Calabria, such as gypsies, cafes, fishing villages, and the Italian countryside, featured prominently in his early works. Full of pulsating energy and life, his canvases went on to depict Mediterranean landscapes and contemporary European life, but also the scenes of the Southwest. Painting in the semi-abstract Impressionist style, the artist used brilliant colors and vivid tones to create works imbued with great emotion and light. Painting with a palette knife, his works are characterized with great depth.

Simbari's works can be found in numerous museums and private and corporate collections around the world. His paintings are in collections including the Bank of Tokyo and the Christian Dior Collection in Paris; Italian State Railways in Rome; Liberty Company in London; and Tulsa Bank of Commerce, Cincinnati Fine Arts Department, Exxon Corporation, General Mills Corporation, and Pepsico, in America.

The work by Nicola Simbari was described as “thoroughly disarming” by a number of major American and English critics. His works provided a new definition through the intensity of vision and technique.

Nicola Simbari was born in 1927 in San Lucido, Calabria, but was raised in Rome, where his father was an architect for the Vatican. He died in 2012 in Frascati, Lazio, Italy.

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