Leonardo Nierman

Leonardo Nierman Large 46" Signed Original Bronze Sculpture Rare Edition


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Artist: Leonardo Nierman
Title: Untitled
Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Size: 46” H x 21 3/8” W x 8 3/4” D
Inscription: Signed and numbered
Edition: 4/6
Year: C. 1968
Condition: Very good condition overall
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Leonardo Nierman is one of Mexico’s leading contemporary artists. His non-objective depiction of natural subjects combines associative abstraction with modernism. Furthermore, he uses his scientific background in physics, mathematics, psychology of color, and the harmony of dynamic and static space to develop his interpretations of color and light. Nierman’s diverse practice encompasses painting, sculpture, and even tapestries.

His works highlight nature, the cosmos, and spirituality through a vibrant color palette and apparent movement. Furthermore, his practice takes inspiration from nature and Classical music, as both art and music embody tonality and rhythms with high-intensity and resting areas. Nierman’s paintings portray musical balance and raw dissonance of natural forces. And his sculptures capture movement and harmony through highly reflective surfaces.

This bronze sculpture embodies Nierman’s characteristic dramatic flair in sculpture. Through extreme precision and attention to detail, Nierman captures the beauty of movement. This sculpture is an abstract interpretation of flames, waves, or wings. Furthermore, the reflective qualities of the material used alludes to fluidity.

The sculpture includes a gallery certificate of authenticity. The artwork is in very good condition overall.

About Leonardo Nierman

Leonardo Nierman is one of the most famous Mexican artists in world history, and one of the most significant artists in the contemporary art scene. Although he is a master of many mediums, he is most famous for his paintings and his sculptures. Leonardo Nierman represents the global focus of contemporary art.

Born in Mexico City in 1932, Leonardo Nierman grew up with aspirations to become a famous musician. He was an accomplished violinist, but upon hearing a recording of his playing he was so disappointed with what he heard that he gave up music entirely. After abandoning art, he went on to study mathematics and physics in school. After his graduation in 1951, he began spending a lot of time in museums and studying art for pleasure. Soon after, he fell in love with painting despite being entirely self-taught. At the same time, he attended University and received a dress in business administration. By the time he graduated, he never pursued a career in the field of his study since he had already determined that he wanted to make art his full-time career focus.

Nierman’s first significant painting was a mural painted in his business school’s auditorium. His first show was in Mexico City and he was invited to show by Raquel Tibol. Allegedly, Nierman was still on the fence about whether or not he was a good enough painters to make a serious career out of it. After he sold two paintings at the show he began to accept his talent. This show essentially launched Nierman’s international art career, since they were both purchased by a Washington D.C. gallery. He gained exposure in the United States and the rest of the world soon followed.

Throughout his career, Leonard Nierman has demonstrated an ability to work within various art mediums and traditions. His early work was heavily influenced by Cubism and Surrealism. He idolized Kandinsky, Miro, and Picasso. However, as Nierman’s career evolved so did his artistic style. Throughout the twentieth century modern art continued to be pushed into a more abstract and less realistic realm, and Nierman’s art went through the same evolution. His work has pushed the abstract boundaries to such a degree that he has been called the “Jackson Pollock of Latin America.” He has said that music continues to influence his art and can explain the added emphasis on fluidity and harmony in his later work. His recent work also focuses on the supernatural and cosmic elements. He produced silver metal sculptures, color saturated paintings, richly textured tapestries, along with masterful glass and engraving work. Nierman’s desire to experiment both in terms style and medium has defined both his career and his historic role as an artistic pioneer.

Today, Leonardo Nierman has put on over 100 exhibitions and his work hangs in museums and private collections around the world. His willingness to experiment with multiple styles and mediums has propelled his career and gained him a formidable reputation as a contemporary art visionary. As a result, he has become one of the most historically important and significant Mexican artists in history.

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