Leonardo Nierman

Massive Lifesize 65" Sculpture 1/6 Limited Signed Extremely Rare Cello


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Leonardo Nierman – Cello
Steel Sculpture
Size: 65" x 21" x 18"
Edition: I/VI
Certificate of Authenticity included

At an early age, Leonardo Nierman was convinced that music was his true calling and dedicated himself to the violin for twenty years. When he compared a recording of his playing with that of Yehudi Menuhin, he decided he wasn’t talented enough to pursue music and turned to art instead. However, music has had a great influence on his art, reproducing movement and harmony through the similarities he has discovered between the two disciplines. “Music and painting are very much alike – both have tonalities, rhythms, high-intensity areas, and resting area,” the artist once explained. In addition to colorful large-scale canvases, Nierman produced a significant three-dimensional body of work. Whether working in marble, silver, bronze or stainless steel, his sculptures are usually silver-toned. He also created a range of monumental public works which appear in places such as universities, concert halls, research centers, libraries, cultural centers, atriums and parks across the world. Musical instruments, especially string ones, are one of the recurring elements in his sculpture work. This monumental steel sculpture, in particular, depicts a cello. The shining surface reflects elements of the work’s surroundings, while the two flowing spirals evoke the notion of movement and harmony. This impressive steel sculpture is created in a small edition of 6, making this offer a rare opportunity for any Nierman collector to acquire this important museum quality piece.


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About Leonardo Nierman

One of the leading contemporary artists in Mexico, Leonardo Nierman produced a large body of work delving into different media, from painting, over sculpture, to tapestry. His works are characterized with vibrant color and movement, as they inspire contemplations about nature, cosmos and spirituality.

A child of Eastern European immigrants who met in Mexico, Leonardo Nierman was born in Mexico City in 1932. Early on, he demonstrated strong affinities toward the arts, especially music, but also to physics and mathematics in which he attained a Bachelor's degree. Young artist first fantasized about becoming a famous musician, but this turned out to be only a dream. His degrees in color psychology and business administration aided his artistic propensity, but he never pursued any other career than the one in art.

According to the artist, once he relinquished music, he began to feel color and this fascination keep s following him throughout his life. Scientific background the artist has helped him develop theories of color and light, which he would then transfer onto the canvas. Strongest artistic influences we can see in Nierman’s art are definitely Kandinsky, Klee, and Miro, but there are traces of Cubism and Surrealism as well.

Leonardo Nierman’s style can be described as associative abstraction born from the modernist tradition, while his work is dominated by various interpretations of cosmic landscape. His art was always essentially connected to his love of music, especially the works of Bach, Debussy, Mahler and Stravinsky, and we can almost see the dynamics and rhythm of their compositions in Nireman’s brushstrokes.

Leonardo Nierman was awarded many times throughout his career and he is the proud recipient of the prestigious Palm d’Or des Beaux Arts, Monaco he won in 1969. Since the 1950s, he held over 100 exhibitions across Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. His works can be found in museum collections in 13 countries worldwide, including such institutions as The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City and MoMA in New York, among others.

Leonardo Nierman lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

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