KAWS Untitled Green Image From the Urge Series Signed Limited Edition Screenprint

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Artist: KAWS
Title: Untitled Green Image from the Urge Series
Medium: Limited Edition Screenprint
Sheet Size: 18" x 11"
Image Size: 11.25" x 8.5"
Frame Size: 19.25" x 16.725" x 1.25"
Year: 2020
Inscription: Signed
Documentation: Includes a gallery certificate of authenticity

KAWS is known for his highly stylized cast of characters featuring distinctive features and exaggerated proportions. Characters including "Companion", "Chum", "Accomplice", and "Bendy" are used to explore themes of isolation, identity, and the complex relationship between art and consumerism. In 2020, KAWS creates his "Urge" series of screenprints featuring "Chum". The KAWS Chum character is often depicted with Xs for eyes, which is a signature element in KAWS' artwork. It has a round head, a rounded body, and short limbs, giving it a playful and whimsical appearance. The character's simple yet expressive design allows for a wide range of interpretations and emotions.

This stand alone work from KAWS' "Urge" series features a close up green illustration of Chum with reaching hands overlayed in a variety of colors. Chum's eyes are signified with Xs which also adorn the hands. This Untitled limited edition screenprint is signed by the artist and includes a gallery certificate of authenticity.

About KAWS

KAWS, born Brian Donnelly in 1974, is a renowned artist who has made a significant impact on the contemporary art scene. His journey began in the 1990s after attending the School of Visual Arts in New York. Initially known for his work as an animator and graffiti artist, KAWS quickly transitioned into the world of fine art, where he made an indelible mark.

While KAWS started his career primarily as a painter, he has since become a master of multiple mediums. His sculptures are particularly notable, ranging in size from just a few inches to towering works standing over 30 feet tall. KAWS employs various materials, from traditional fiberglass to unexpected choices like steel and pontoon inflatable rafts, to bring his artistic creations to life.

At the heart of KAWS' work is a cast of characters that captivates and resonates with audiences. Some characters, like "Companion", "Chum", "Accomplice", and "Bendy", are his own creations, while others are borrowed from popular culture. KAWS draws inspiration from beloved characters from TV shows such as "The Simpsons" and "Sesame Street", infusing his art with a familiar yet distinctive twist.

One of KAWS' notable artistic choices is his use of color. He juxtaposes bright, vibrant hues with more subdued tones, often applying a matte finish to enhance the modern aesthetic of his pieces. The graphic lines and simplistic shapes KAWS employs may appear deceptively simple, but they lend a universality to his art that can be easily appreciated and understood.

What sets KAWS apart is his ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of fine art and commercial art. His work appeals not only to art scholars and critics but also to a wider audience, including collectors and celebrities. His impactful collaborations with various brands and institutions have further extended his reach and influence. From reimagining the iconic Moon Man statue for the MTV Movie Awards to partnering with companies like Nike and Uniqlo, KAWS pushes boundaries and redefines the intersection of art and popular culture.

Furthermore, KAWS' work has experienced immense success at auction, regularly commanding high prices and attracting avid collectors. His pieces are cherished as both investment opportunities and cherished additions to private collections.

KAWS is an artist who has transformed the contemporary art landscape with his innovative style, distinctive characters, and seamless blend of fine art and commercial appeal. Whether through sculptures, paintings, or collaborations, KAWS continues to captivate audiences around the world with his unique brand of artistic expression.

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