Francis Ouimet Golf 1911 Trophy like Bobby Jones Scotty Circle T Memorabilia


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Possibly one of the most important pieces of golf history listed for your best offer.

Dimensions: 9" high x 3.5" wide

Francis Ouimet 'The Father of Amatuer Golf' 1911 Woodland Cup Fall Open Trophy awarded to Francis Ouimet! This is one of those extremely rare once in a lifetime moments that only come around once! In this case this is the only 'awarded' trophy to Francis Ouimet for his golfing performance that has EVER been available. This is most likely the first trophy he was ever engraved on for winning. Francis Ouimet Joined this course to have a club affiliate so he could play State and US Amateur tournaments. He was 18 when he won this Trophy. Before his club affiliation he was the top ranked High school golfer in the state.

How do you value something like this? Its tough considering this is the only known trophy awarded to Francis Ouimet ever available. There maybe some other trophies that have hit the market and awards for being who he is, however this is the only given trophy to him for his performance in a golf event just a few years before he would go on to win the famous US Open that inspired the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played.

There are no comparable sales for this trophy to understand its value. There was a trophy sold in 2014 that came from Bobby Jones 1916 win at Cherokee Country Club invitational. This piece sold for $31,070. These early rare trophies from the greats of the game are extremely rare.

What you are bidding on is a museum piece that will be without doubt the cornerstone of any major golf memorabilia collection. This is the earliest known trophy to exist from Fancis Ouimet that has ever been offered to the public. He was just 18 years old when he won this tournament at his home course Woodland Golf Club in Auburndale, Massachusetts. The club was original built as a nine hole course in 1901 and later added on an additional 9 holes in 1907. Eventually the layout was redesigned in 1920 by Donald Ross. Francis joined the course for $25 in 1910 with the help of his mother so that he had a club affiliation to sign up for the US Amateur. He remained at this course as a member until his passing in 1967.

Boston Globe 'It all started at Woodland GC for Francis Ouimet'

Condition: Masterful restoration has repaired damage at the base of the stem, leaving the historic prize to present in nearly as-new condition. The earliest Ouimet golf trophy known to exist in the public sector.

This piece is available at your best offer option. Make your best offer today.

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