Peter Lik

Peter Lik Echoes of Silence 1.5 Meter Signed Limited Eiditon Numbered Sold Out Edition - 50k Retail


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Artist: Peter Lik
Title: Echoes of Silence
Medium: Photography
Image Size: 19" x 58"
Frame Size: 23" x 62"
Inscription: Signed and numbered on front
Edition: 482/950
Condition: Very good condition
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Peter Lik's unmatched ability to create complex and breathtaking compositions in his work has allowed him to elevate the medium of photography to a fine art form. In "Echoes of Silence," Lik couples the expansive, sweeping landscape of Canyonlands Nation Park in Utah in the background with the nuanced details of the rock formation in the foreground. Light, and the effect of light on color in particular, plays a central role in "Echos of Silence" as it does in much of Lik's work. The saturated red color on the roof on the elevated cavern functions as somewhat of an optical illusion, creating a hue true to nature yet seemingly too beautiful and strange to be real. The red coloring of the cavern works in conjunction with the golden background hues from the sun, giving the entire work a feeling of warmth. The massive scale of this photograph only adds to its intensity. "Echoes of Silence" is from an edition of 950 and includes a gallery certificate of authenticity.

The photographer Peter Lik is among the bestselling landscape photographers in the world. Pushing the boundaries of fine art for the past 35 years, he is best known for immaculate imagery of exotic natural environments that speak vividly. It was a Kodak Brownie camera that he received as a gift from his parents on his eighth birthday that set his professional course. Entirely self-taught, he was honing his skills until making a life-changing decision of going to America in 1984. He was introduced to the panoramic camera there which he took back to Australia to capture the vastness and exquisiteness of the South Land. This turned out to be a defining moment in his life.

Capturing cascading waterfalls, ethereal mountain peaks, and peaceful desert canyons, Peter Lik has developed his unique visual style characterized by high saturation of the colors and digital manipulation process. Through specialized mounting and lighting, he provides his images with a feeling of luminosity and a sense of warmth, depth and glow. As he once explained, photography is all about capturing a mood, a feeling. Lik garnered hundreds of prestigious accolades and merits over the years, including the title of Master Photographer from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Professional Photographers of America and Master Photographers International. He has also been awarded fellowships from the British Institute of Professional Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society and the American Society of Photographers. He has four galleries in Las Vegas and nine others across the US.

In 2014, Peter broke all world records by selling the most expensive photograph in history. The work “Phantom”, a black and white photograph depicting a breathtaking image at Antelope Canyon, was acquired for an astonishing $6.5 million.

Peter Lik was born in 1959 in Melbourne Australia to Czech immigrants. He currently lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

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