Brow Horn Hell Creek Formation Dinosaur 32" long 100% Auth.


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You are looking at an authentic triceratops horn that was found in Hell Creek.   This piece was further authenticated by Dr Bruce Erickson who was best known for finding one of the most complete tricertops skeltons' known to exist.  We personally met Bruce with this horn when visiting hte founder of Paleo  Bond in St Paul MN.   The horn was in two pieces as you can see where the work was done to put the piece back together.  I had the option to have it completely concealed, however the story of meeting the inventor of Paleo Bond and Dr Erickson was far more important.  This is something that can be painted over to better conceal the area that was filled in using his product.

The stand of this sculpture was made by a local artist with no expense spared.  The artist, Hans Early Nelson, from the Minneapolis area custom fabricated this stand so that the horn can be taken off the base and handed to viewers.   After all, who doesn't want to hold a 65 million year old dinosaur bone.


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