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Bob Ross Signed Original Painting Blue Winter Contemporary Art


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Artist: Bob Ross
Title: Untitled, similar to Blue Winter
Medium: Original Oil on Canvas Painting
Size: 18"x 24"
Year: C. 1984
Inscription: Signed "Ross" in red lower left
Condition: Very good condition
Documentation: Includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Bob Ross, Inc.

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Bob Ross was an American painter and television personality whose legacy and popularity continue to live on in popular culture. Known for his PBS show The Joy of Painting, Ross remains the painting teacher of the public. His calming instructional demeanor and iconic hairstyle established him as an art icon.

His effortless painting method embraces the oil painting style alla prima or wet-on-wet. The technique consists of applying oil paint on top of wet paint rather than waiting for it to dry in between layers. He typically used a two-inch brush and a palette knife to paint. This method allowed Ross to complete detailed landscapes quickly and effortlessly. What started as simple strokes and blobs of colors would result in intricate nature scenes.

Untitled illustrates an ethereal snowy mountain. The prominent use of whites and light enhances the shadows and the trees that frame the composition. Notably, this winter landscape follows the same style of "Blue Winter", which Ross painted in Season 21 Episode 10 of The Joy of Painting. In the episode, he only used three colors, Midnight Black, Prussian Blue, and Titanium White, to paint the blue winter landscape.

Untitled includes a gallery certificate of authenticity from Bob Ross, Inc. The work is signed "Ross" in red on the front of the canvas in the lower left.

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