Bob Ross

Bob Ross Authentic Original Oil Pan Painting Alaska Cabin Mountain Scene


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Bob Ross - Alaska Gold Pans

1975, dated on the back, inscribed “Alaska”

16 x 16 inches, 28 x 28 inches framed

Includes Bob Ross Inc certificate of authenticity 

One of the many interesting facts from Bob Ross’ life is that he was a tough military man before he turned to painting. He used to scream at soldiers daily and after he quit the army he swore never to scream again! His true nature was emerging during his last years as Master-Sergeant in Alaska when he started painting bottoms of gold pans under the influence of his mentor, William Alexander, a German TV painter. He used to sell these pans to people, for $25 per piece allegedly, soon realizing that a career in the arts is not only calming but also lucrative.

Elegantly framed with a plexiglass back for 360 viewing of the piece.   No money was spared in the framing of this piece. 

During the 1970s, Bob Ross produced and distributed a number of gold pans with an Alaskan scene painted at the bottom. These miniature landscapes often feature bright northern lights, a tree, and a cabin, in a nocturnal setting. They testify to the early days of the artist’s career and his developing style as a painter.

Today, the Bob Ross Gold Pans are coveted as a collectible among all of those who appreciate the legacy of the legendary artist.


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About Bob Ross

Having spent his entire artistic career in front of the TV camera shooting “The Joy of Painting”, Bob Ross was one of the greatest advocates for painting in the late 20th century. Known as a painter of uniquely soothing voice, who always painted “happy” images, he was watched by millions and eventually reached the status of a living icon.

He started his career in the US Air Force, where he spent 20 years, mostly in Alaska. In 1981, he abandoned the army to pursue painting. In the early years, he was struggling. This is when his signature perm was born, as a way of cutting haircut costs, a style he wore and hated throughout his life.

Ross remained dedicated to landscape throughout his entire body of work, which counts around 30.000 paintings. His works are populated with trees, clouds, lakes and streams, and only an occasional cabin. Known as a sincere environmentalist, he often painted various small animals, bringing them often to the studio. Interestingly, very few of his works ever depicted a human figure. The technique he used is called “wet on wet” or “Alla Prima”, dating back to the Renaissance. Still, it was difficult to define Bob Ross’ style in terms of contemporary art. It was closest to Pop Art, due to his celebrity status and the concept in which it was created. 

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