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Bob Dylan Man on a Bridge Portfolio Set of 4 Giclee Etchings Contemporary Art


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Artist: Bob Dylan
Title: Man on a Bridge Portfolio
Medium: Giclee Etching, Set of 4
Size: Each individual image size: 21 1/2" x 16”; each individul sheet size 27 ½” x 22”
Inscription: Each print is signed “Bob Dylan” on front lower right and numbered on front lower left
Year: 2008
Edition: 209/295 + 15 AP + 5 MP + 2 PP + 1 BAT
Condition: Very good quality, no flaws
Documentation: Includes a certificate of authenticity from Washington Green Fine Art signed by the publisher and Bob Dylan.

Known primarily as an influential and groundbreaking figure in music, Bob Dylan is also a prominent figure in the art world. The musician started creating art in the 1960s while on tour. His artworks embrace an expressionistic approach that captures the human experience and his reflections and impressions. Images with enthralling effects focused on fleeting moments and passing emotions.

Man on a Bridge – Portfolio is a portfolio set of 4 images - each repeating the iconic Man on a Bridge composition in a new color pallet. It illustrates how Dylan revisited the same image and reworked it. Dylan often repeated motifs. He recreated the same work to explore the color and as a way to evolve his technique with subtle changes. The different colors embodied the dynamism of various impressions and emotions. His loose lines combined with a stylistic approach focus on a moment instead of perfection. Furthermore, the varying approaches to one image created different feelings and reactions.

The etching belongs to the Drawn Blank Series, which consists of expressionistic drawings documenting the musician’s encounters and observations while on the road. Each artwork embodies the poetic and intimate qualities of his music. Dylan created the series between 1989 and 1992 while touring America, Europe, and Asia. His sketches were published as a book in 1994 and later reimagined as paintings or prints in 2008. Some of the images depicted include street scenes, interior spaces, landscapes, portraits, and nudes.

Man on a Bridge is one of Dylan's most popular images, and the 2008 editions are the highest priced and most sought after by collectors. Each one of the four included works includes a gallery certificate of authenticity Washington Green Fine Art signed by the publisher and Bob Dylan. The work is signed “Bob Dylan” on the lower right and numbered on the lower left in the front. Furthermore, the artwork is in very good quality with no flaws. Please note that this piece is not currently framed but can be framed to your preference for an additional cost.

About Bob Dylan

A poet, songwriter, singer, and visual artist, Bob Dylan is one of the past century’s most iconic figures. A counterculture icon in the 1960s and 70s, his folk music became an anthem for American youth that fought for Civil Rights and supported an anti-war political agenda. His poetic and powerful lyrics made him the voice of his generation.

Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1941. He had started a few rock bands in high school, and after his graduation played with Little Richard and Bobby Vee. By 1961, he had dropped out of College at the University of Minnesota and moved to New York. There, he performed at numerous clubs and played in studio for many recording artists before being signed to Columbia Records. His musical career featured hit songs including “The Times they are a-changing”, “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Blowin’in the Wind.” He has won ten Grammy awards, an Academy Award, a Pullitzer Prize, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dylan’s visual art was featured on several album covers, but his first stand-alone art was published in a 1994 book of drawings, Drawn Blank. His first art show was in 2007 at Kunstsammlungen in Chemnitz, Germany and it showcased numerous watercolors and gouaches. In addition to painting, Dylan has also created a serious of iron gates named “Mood Swings” that he debuted in a 2013 show at Halcyon Gallery in London. He is best known for his landscape and nature paintings.

It is virtually impossible to overstate Bob Dylan’s monumental impact on popular culture. His music provided the soundtrack for much of the historically pivotal 1960s and 70s. Today, his career has found resurgence as a visual artist, with his artwork appealing far beyond fans of his music.

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