1935 Kesselberg-Rennen Racing Poster Germany Klotz Kienast vintage deco Geo Ham


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Creators: Klotz and Kienast
Subject Kesselberg-Rennen Autorace
Size: 47" x 33" on linen
Framed Size 57" x 43"

Condition:  Please see the photo of it not framed to see the condition of the piece. 
This is an original authentic poster from 1935 for the Kesselberg-Rennen International race.  The piece is in fantastic condition as you can see from the photos and has been well taken care of.  It is on linen and has been newly framed by our team using nothing but the best included Museum plexiglass that is UV resistant to protect it for years to come.  The graphics of this extremely rare poster are very bold and bright and will given a modern touch to any home or office.  

There is not a lot known about these posters.  The poster was created by partners Klotz and Kienast.   This was done during the Nazi period and there wasn't much of any information left behind about them.  They do show up on numerous posters from 1929 to 1939 produced in Munich.

About the Race:  The race started in 1905 and after a few years the race took a twenty year hiatus before reappearing in 1928.   This race was a hill climb that included both motorcycles and cars.

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