#131 Dolphin Experience Sculpture Art Furniture Coffee End Table


Please send me pricing and condition

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Artist: Robert Wyland
Medium: Bronze Table
Year: 1992
Size: 30' x 32' x 17'
SN#: 131/450
Hand Signed on the base

We have two of these identical tables listed and if interested in both please let us know and we will make a package deal.  The tables are in perfect condition.  The colors of the blue ocean are incredibly bright and piercing.  Wyland is ultra famous for bringing life to the sea life he recreates in heavy well detailed bronze. These tables feature the original thick round glass and is part of this sold out edition.  Comes with the original Wyland certificate and appraisal of $20,240.  These piece have been professional crated and are ready to ship.  We also have for sale Day of the Dolphin Wyland sculpture that is pictured on the table in another listing.  Again these are massive mint condition end tables.  Robert Wyland is one of the most prolific sculptures of our time and through his work has been an incredible supporter of maintaining the health and longevity of the specie he sculpts.  

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