Denny Dent

Denny Dent Rare Albert Einstein Signed Large 71” Original Painting


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Artist: Denny Dent
Title: Albert Einstein
Medium: Original Oil Painting on Paper
Size: 71" x 53"
Year: 1998
Inscription: Signed and dated “Dent 98" and Stamped with Denny Dent insignia
Condition: Small tear near top edge
Authenticity: Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

In his captivating tribute to Albert Einstein, Denny Dent unveils his distinctive approach to large-scale portraiture, a skill that has garnered him acclaim for capturing the essence of iconic personalities. Much akin to his renowned depictions of rock n' roll legends, Dent's portrayal of Einstein employs vibrant colors and a purposeful use of negative space, propelling portraiture into a realm that genuinely reflects both the physical and emotional presence of the intellectual icon. Denny Dent’s Einstein renditions are exceedingly rare; to our knowledge, this is the first one to become available in nearly five years.

The artistic journey is as enthralling as the final masterpiece, marked by Dent's swift and physically demanding technique on a grand sheet of paper. While performance painting often leans towards spectacle, Dent's art transcends this, standing on its own merit, detached from the dynamic creation process. The resulting composition pulsates with a tangible sense of movement, echoing the artist's dynamic method and infusing Einstein's countenance with vitality and vigor.

This piece is currently not framed. The photo showing the frame is a mockup of a frame and what it would look like framed. If you would like the piece framed we can work with our local framer at our discounted price to pick out the perfect frame for your home.

Denny Dent's 71-inch painted portrait of Albert Einstein bears the artist’s insignia stamp gallery certificate of authenticity from Modern Artifact. There is a small tear on the top edge of the paper. Due to the type of thin paper Dent used, this type of tear is common. It has been taped on the back for support. The photos of the tear are un-retouched and true-to-life; they should give you a very good idea of the appearance of the condition in person.

About Denny Dent

Denny Dent was an American performance artist known for his unique and dynamic approach to painting. He gained fame for creating large-scale, frenetic portraits of famous figures, including musicians and political leaders, using his hands and fingers as well as brushes. Dent's live performances, often set to music, were energetic and improvisational, reflecting his belief in the spontaneity of artistic expression. His distinctive "Two-Fisted Art Attack" style garnered attention and made him a prominent figure in the world of performance art.

In this large-scale painting, Denny Dent pays tribute to legendary American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Wonder. Born in 1950, Stevie Wonder is a known for his groundbreaking contributions to soul, R&B, and pop music. Blind since childhood, Wonder signed with Motown Records at a young age and went on to produce iconic hits like "Superstition" and "Isn't She Lovely." With 25 Grammy Awards and a profound impact on the industry, he remains a musical icon celebrated for his innovation, versatility, and social consciousness.

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