Victor Vasarely

Felhoe Hand Painted Wood Sculpture Signed Proper Certificates


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Artist: Victor Vasarely
Title: Felhoe
Medium: Sculpture Hand Painted on Wood
Size: 15.7' x 15.4'
Edition Size: 100
Year: 1989

Vasarely sculptures are as good as it gets for affordable MAJOR art.  Vasarely paintings sell for 100s of thousands on up.  This is much like his original paintings except a series was still created of them.  They are hand pained and amazing in person.  For an entry into major art it doesn't get any better than this opportunity.  These pieces in person are stunning as you can see from the photos.  The piece is a mint condition.  The corner as photos looked as though it was crinkled, however this was in the wood before it was painted.  These pieces are typically not square.   Comes with a gallery COA and is listed at the best offer option.  The first to meet our bottom line will take this beauty home!

Victor Vasarely (Hungarian-French, 1906-1997) is one of the founding fathers of the Op-Art movement in Europe. His brightly colored optical patterns introduced a visually kinetic aspect to the traditionally flat paintings of his generation. Vasarely originally planned on becoming a doctor, however he abandoned medicine to follow his passion in the arts and enrolled at Sandor Bortnyik's private art school called Muhely, at the time widely recognized as Budapest's centre of Bauhaus studies. Unfortunately, the Muhely was not well funded and could not offer courses at the same level of quality as those offered at the Bauhaus. Consequently, they offered more pragmatic choices such as applied graphic art and typographical design, which later became the groundwork of Vasarely's style.

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