Richard MacDonald

Richard MacDonald La Fuite du Temps Bronze Sculpture Signed Limited Ed. Sold Out


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Sold Out Edition.  First to meet our bottom line by submitting their best offer will take this beautiful piece home.

Richard MacDonald - La Fuite du Temps
Catalog: Mime
Retail: $20,000 
Bronze, dated 1990
Edition xx/175
Signed and signed on the base
Size: 13.5' x 17'
Mint Condition, COA included.

La Fuite du Temps; meaning, The passage of time.  This was one of MacDonald's more sought after sculptures that quickly saw the series sell out.  After selling out he created a smaller series of 950 units.

Guided by the belief that art is an engagement with human beings, Richard MacDonald bases his studio practice on direct interaction with live models. His creative process involves a model, a dancer or an athlete the artist is portraying, a sculpting stand and tools and clay. The work is then born from the communication between the master and the subject, right in front of their eyes.

During this process, MacDonald usually spends two to four hours with the model, studying the dynamic and the mechanics of the poses. Interestingly, he refuses to take any photographs and makes a large number of sketches on paper and in clay. This singles out Richard MacDonald as one of the rare sculptors who does not resort to modern technologies, but keeps the method original and organic. “My goal is to make fine art, and fine art comes from the soul,” said the artist about his practice, revealing his interest in the immortal. This is why he creates in the lasting bronze, with a goal is to leave a lasting legacy for the generations to come.

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About Richard MacDonald

Devoted to exploring of the human form, Richard MacDonald is often regarded as the world’s leading figurative sculptor today. This ingenious aesthete has been creating bronze sculptures with a relentless enthusiasm for over thirty years. Often described as Realism, his work is a part of the neo-figurative movement and it is greatly inspired by motion and the art of dance.

Originally, Richard MacDonald was classically trained as a painter, having graduated Cum laude from the Art Center College of Design in 1971. His career began in the world of illustration, where the artist was frequently required to illustrate sporting events, including the Olympics. After a decade in illustration, he wanted to pursue another medium and his fascination with human body brought him to sculpture.

In 1983, MacDonald officially retired as an illustrator and immersed himself into a three-dimensional creative universe. His talent helped accelerate his career as a sculptor, as the artist quickly rose to international prominence. Celebrated for its dynamism, refinement and superb quality, sculptures by Richard MacDonald were greatly sought after, while numerous prestigious

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