Paul Grimm

Original Painting "Seven Sister" Santa Inez Valley Oil on Board Signed Certified

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Artist: Paul Grimm
Title: Seven Sister
Year: 1968
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Canvas Size: 20" x 24" inches
Frame Size: 26" x 30" inches
Condition: Mint
Certificate of Authenticity included

Painted in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara, the work “Seven Sister” depicts a scene of trees by a stream with mountains in the distance. Painted in the realist manner, it highlights the artist’s remarkable attention to detail. Quiet and serene, the scene provides a space for contemplation. At the same time, it is imbued with grandeur, nobility and majesty characteristic of his entire oeuvre. For their sheer magnificence and power of conception and execution, Paul Grimm’s landscapes rank as probably the finest work ever done on the subject.

A fine example of Paul Grimm’s landscapes, “Seven Sister” comes in a beautiful, high-quality frame.

About Paul Grimm

Born to German parents in South Africa in 1891, Paul Grimm moved to the United States as a child. He spent much of his summertime painting in the High Sierras, but he is most acclaimed for his 1920s landscapes of southern California and its many moods, from the alluvial fans and desert vegetation of the eastern half of Riverside Country to the sheer magnificence of the San Jacinto Mountains. Sharing his romantic view of Southern California, the artist created work so ubiquitous they began to define the public image of the region.

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