Peter Max

Peter Max Pink Angel with Heart Acrylic Sculpture 2017 Large 18” Version

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Artist: Peter Max
Title: Angel with Heart
Peter Max studio number: SN#828678
Medium: Acrylic Sculpture
Dimensions: 18.5" x 12.75" x 5"
Year: 2017
Inscription: Signed "Max" on front
Documentation: Includes gallery certificate of authenticity

This large 18 inch tall version of Peter Max's "Angel with Heart" acrylic sculpture is a testament to the artist's continual evolution and innovation. During his exploration of this unique subject, Max employs his renowned everyman relatability, allowing viewers to connect with the universally recognizable images of the angel and heart. This acrylic sculpture embodies a distinctive theme, capturing the essence of an angelic figure cradling a heart. The composition provides a compelling foundation for Max's exploration of color. Vivid tones of pink, blue, and yellow dominate the sophisticated palette, set atop a translucent acrylic background that makes the colors appear to float in air. Max's adept use of heavy brushstrokes adds texture and depth to this acrylic masterpiece.

Signed "Max" on the front, Peter Max’s "Angel with Heart" 18 inch acrylic sculpture comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity. The Peter Max studio number is SN#828678.

About Peter Max

Renowned for his vibrant and iconic visual language, Peter Max transcends the realm of a mere painter, standing as a global luminary in the realm of art. His kaleidoscopic palette, reminiscent of the psychedelic 60s, has become synonymous with optimism, permeating every decade of his prolific career.

Peter Max's artistic prowess spans an array of media, encompassing drawing, painting, sculpture, print, and graphic design. Often categorized as a neo-expressionist, Max's true distinction lies in being one of the most prolific and commercially successful pop artists in history. His impact extends beyond the canvas, with collaborations that include designing for General Electric, serving as the official artist for prestigious events such as the Grammy Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and contributing to major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, and the US Open. Notably, his artwork graced a Continental Airlines Boeing 777 and adorned a US postage stamp.

Max's synesthetic art is eclectic and figurative, showcasing his kaleidoscopic vision. From the iconic Lady Liberty series and music-inspired imagery to the more recent Obama series and the Masters Series reinterpreting art history classics, Max has earned the status of a true American cultural icon. His works have been commissioned by six American presidents and displayed in over 100 museums and galleries worldwide.

Born Peter Max Finkelstein in 1937 in Berlin, Max's nomadic upbringing in China, Israel, and France culminated in his family's settlement in the United States. Today, he resides and continues his groundbreaking work in the vibrant artistic landscape of New York City, NY. The story of Peter Max is not just an artistic journey but a testament to the enduring impact of a visionary whose creations transcend time and cultural boundaries.

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