Paul Stankard

Paul Stankard Signed Square Glass Paperweight with Flowers, Berries, and Root Person

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Artist: Paul Stankard
Title: Flowers, Berries, and Root Person
Medium: Hand Blown Glass
Size: 2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Inscription: Signed and dated by artist "Paul J. Stankard S 61 '94"
Year: 1994
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Paul Stankard's 1994 handblown glass paperweight featuring assorted flowers, luscious berries, and his singature "Root Person" invites viewers into a miniature universe of intricate detail and natural beauty. Delicate flowers in yellow and white, lifelike red berries, and a whimsical root person come to life within the crystal-clear confines of the glass, showcasing Stankard's unparalleled skill and artistic vision.

Stankard is celebrated for his unmatched talent in sculpting intricate details. When viewers first encounter Stankard's pieces, they often mistake the botanicals and insects delicately suspended within his paperweights for actual preserved specimens. Yet, the reality unveils Stankard's meticulous craftsmanship: every element is painstakingly hand-blown and meticulously assembled by the artist himself. Only then are they carefully encased within the transparent confines that define his signature style.

Paul Stankard's handblown glass paperweight is singed and dated by the artist "Paul J. Stankard S 61 '94" and comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

About Paul Stankard

Paul Stankard has transformed the humble paperweight into a revered form of fine art, earning recognition as one of the world's most accomplished glass artists. Credited with elevating this everyday object to extraordinary heights, his creations now grace prestigious institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Louvre in Paris.

Born in 1943, Stankard embarked on his journey in glassworking by initially crafting scientific instruments as a glassblower. However, in 1969, he ventured into the realm of paperweights, driven by a desire to channel his technical expertise into more creative endeavors. Employing a meticulous technique, Stankard pioneered the incorporation of hyper-realistic botanicals within his paperweights, astonishing viewers who often mistook his glass blooms for genuine flowers. Each element of his paperweights is painstakingly crafted, with meticulous attention to detail in color and texture before assembly. Stankard's artistic vision transcends mere aesthetics, encompassing entire natural ecosystems, from intricate insects to delicate root systems.

In a contemporary art scene dominated by modern trends, Stankard's classical and timeless designs, imbued with stunning realism, set him apart. His work reflects a profound spiritual connection to botany, emphasizing the beauty inherent in the most unexpected corners of nature. Beyond his mastery in glass artistry, Stankard is a prolific author, sharing his insights through poetry, articles, and two published books, further enriching the world with his creative endeavors.

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