Denny Dent

Denny Dent Elton John Large 71” Original Painting

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Artist: Denny Dent
Title: Elton John S-26
Medium: Original Oil Painting on Paper
Size: 71" x 53"
Inscription: Stamped with Denny Dent insignia and titled "Elton"
Condition: One Minor tear below the face that has been taped on the back for support
Authenticity: Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Denny Dent's expansive rendering of Elton John is a vibrant testament to his dynamic approach. Splashed with a kaleidoscope of colors—rich blues, fiery reds, and vibrant yellows, the work captures the enerrgy and sense of movement inherent both in the artists work as well as Elton John's music.

Denny Dent, an American performance artist renowned for his unique and dynamic painting approach, achieved fame through his large-scale, frenetic portraits of prominent figures, spanning musicians to political leaders. Utilizing not only brushes but also his hands and fingers, Dent's live performances, often synchronized with music, were vibrant and improvisational, reflecting his belief in the spontaneity of artistic expression. His distinctive "Two-Fisted Art Attack" style garnered attention, establishing him as a prominent figure in the realm of performance art.

Elton John is a globally acclaimed British singer, songwriter, and pianist whose illustrious career has spanned over five decades. Renowned for his flamboyant stage presence and extravagant costumes, Elton John has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his diverse repertoire, encompassing rock, pop, and ballads. His unparalleled songwriting collaborations with lyricist Bernie Taupin have produced timeless hits such as "Your Song", "Rocket Man", and "Tiny Dancer". Beyond his musical prowess, Elton John is recognized for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in the fight against HIV/AIDS, through the Elton John AIDS Foundation, showcasing his enduring impact both on and off the stage.

This piece is currently not framed. The photo showing the frame is a mockup of a frame and what it would look like framed. If you would like the piece framed we can work with our local framer at our discounted price to pick out the perfect frame for your home.

Denny Dent's "Elton John" bears the certification of the Denny Dent insignia stamp (pictured) and includes a certificate of authenticity from Modern Artifact. The piece contains a minor tear below the face that has been taped on the back for support.

About Denny Dent

Denny Dent occupies a unique space among artists celebrated not just for the visual impact of their paintings but also for the captivating process of creation. Renowned for his striking depictions of celebrities, Dent's finished works stand as unique masterpieces distinguished by vibrant colors and a thoughtful use of negative space. Coined the "Two-Fisted Art Attack", Dent's technique transformed speed painting into a captivating form of performance art, earning acclaim for both the method and the final result.

Born in 1948 in Oakland, California, Dent's early life was marked by financial challenges. Despite dropping out of high school during his sophomore year, Dent sustained himself by selling art. His breakthrough came with the unveiling of his unique brand of performance art at a Nevada radio news program memorial for John Lennon. Using both hands, he painted what initially seemed like abstract chaos on canvas, gradually revealing John Lennon's face and engaging the audience in a profound dialogue.

Denny Dent's reputation as a fast-painting performance artist was solidified from that moment onward. Achieving celebrity status, he opened for bands like Steppenwolf, integrating music into his performances. Dent expanded his repertoire, painting classical artists accompanied by symphonies playing their music.

Celebrated for his celebrity portraits, Dent depicted figures ranging from Pope John Paul II and Jimi Hendrix to Jim Morrison, Rudy Giuliani, and Elvis Presley. Completing a painting in under 10 minutes, Dent carefully selected music to accompany his creations, synchronizing the completion with the duration of the audience's listening experience. Throughout his career, Denny Dent's dual mastery of celebrity portraiture and performance art left an enduring mark on the art world.

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