Tiffany Favrile LCT L.C.T. Etched Signed Lamp Shade Antique Company Rare


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Artist: Tiffany and Company LCT (Learn More About: Tiffany and Company LCT)

Tiffany L.C.T. Lamp shade
Dimensions: 5 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Fitter: Roughly 2 1/4"
Completed sometime in the very early 1900's
Condition: As you can see from the photos the shade is in great condition with minor chipping where the fitter would sit on the lamp.  The chipping wouldn't be visible when mounted on a lamp. Signed L.C.T etched into the glass.

The shade has a tapered bulbous shape. The shade displays a Green Feather Pull decoration on a translucent off white body. The feather pull is outlined in a gold Favrile Aurene glass. The top lip has a ruffled border and this shade strongly resemble a flower form. There are 10 vertical ribs that start at the bottom and continue all the way up to the top lip. There is gold favrile running from the top of the pull through the middle reaching the bottom edge. The green feathering is on each side.

L.C. Tiffany Favrile Candlestick Lamp and Shade listed with free shipping and the Best Offer Option!

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