Tiffany Favrile Comfort Antique Green Lamp LCT Etched Rare Electric Candlestick


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Artist: Tiffany and Company LCT (Learn More About: Tiffany and Company LCT)
Dimensions: 13 inches Tall
Shade Dimensions:  3"x7.25"
Completed sometime in the very early 1900's
Condition: Very small blemishes where the lamp meets the stand as shown in the photo. Please see photos. This is not uncommon with these lamp shades, however we wanted to be sure everything is accurately described.

L.C. Tiffany Favrile Candlestick Lamp and Shade listed with free shipping and the Best Offer Option!

Electric Tiffany Candlestick lamp. Etched L.C.T. Condition: The piece is in perfect condition. There is a very small chip in the glass where the glass meets the candlestick holder. I tried my best to show this in the photos. Not seen when together and hard to find when looking close. With that small hairline chip this still remains the nicest candlestick we have been able to offer.

This is a beautiful, authentic and very rare ORIGINAL Favrile Candlestick lamp with a intricately detailed twisted base by Louis Comfort Tiffany, along with a matching gold glass shade. This antique was created entirely by LCT, and still bears the signature on the base and shade. Tiffany Studios created a lot of fine art and glass, but of all the stunning pieces, the famous glass lighting units are some of the most desired. The color of this iridescent desk lamp is just spectacular with brilliant gold, blue and purple colors in the shade that evoke that special Art Nouveau feel.

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