Steve McQueen Rare Theater Edition Only BULLITT Movie Race Poster three sheet

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  Subject: BULLITT Steve McQueen Movie
Title: BULLIT Movie Poster
Medium: Poster
Size: 81' x 41'
Year: 1969 November as stamped
Edition: Rare Theater Edition with Theater Edition Stampings on the back

What a great piece of Americana! Super rare theater edition.  Notice the stampings on the back that we have photoed.  This is an unbelievable poster in person.  The colors are great and not faded.  The poster was never posted and has no pin holes.  We have choose not to linen back the piece.  However, you could easily send this off for $150 and have it linen backed which would reduce the fold lines to nearly nothing.  We encourage you to speak with a linen backer and talk to them about the easy process and what you can expect for a final product.  The piece does have one tear in it that we have photoed.  It is in the crease and about a 1/2 long.  It isn't missing any paper in this area and easily fixed in the linen backing process.  We have choosen to leave it as is so that you can choose what you would like to do with the piece.