George Rodrigue Blue Dog Rare Ed 1/5 Circle of Life Signed Original 46x46"


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Artist: George Rodrigue (Learn More About: George Rodrigue)
Title: Circle of Life
Medium: Silkscreen
Edition: PP 1/5
Size: 36" x 36"
Framed: 45.5 x 45.5
Condition: Piece is in excellent condition and freshly framed with no expense spared.   The piece is hand signed by George Rodrigue use a gold paint marker
This piece is extremely rare and huge!  This is the finest limited edition print we have ever been able to offer by Rodrigue.  They don't come more rare than this piece!  This piece is a rare proof of 4 with the full edition being only 25!!!!  Most of Rodrigue's pieces go on to have runs of well over 100.  Grab up a piece in a fresh frame that is ready to hang.  This piece is unreal in person and really turned out nice with the silver frame.  BEST OFFER TAKES IT!
George's description of this piece according to the blog of his wife, Wendy when she asked George to paint her a meditative symbol, he replied he already had.   It was this piece.  George went on to say, "The Blue Dog stares at us, looking for answers; and we stare back with the same universal questions, the ones that have challenged humankind from the beginning:  Who am I? Where am I going? …and... the question that most haunted us (and now me) in recent years, whispered aloud, yet to no one, late nights in the dark"
For more on this extremely rare treasure please visit wendy rodrigue's blog.

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