Dino Rosin Glass Murano Authentic Double Ribbon Sculpture Signed Massive 43" in.

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Dino Rosin Original Murano Glass Sculpture Limited Signed

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Artist: Dino Rosin
Title: Double Ribbon
Medium: Murano Glass Sculpture
Size: 43" x 9" x 7" Tall
Hand signed and stamped by the artist.

SOLD OUT EDITION:  Dino Rosin is a true "Maestro" from the celebrated glass art island of Murano, Italy. Rosin continues his family's tradition of glass blowing that dates back generations. "Double Ribbon" is a stunning example of this world famous artist's skill and lineage, with a combination of clear and "Calcedonia" glass, a lost art rediscovered by Loredano Rosin, Dino's predecessor and older brother. Rosin's studio produces the clearest and most colorful Calcedonia glass in the world. Impossible to duplicate, each piece is completely unique in its color.

Dino Rosin
In 1988, Dino Rosin was invited to Pilchuck Glass School in the state of Washington to teach solid freehand glass sculpture with Loredano and the American glass artist, William Morris. Then in 1992, Loredano met an untimely death in a boating accident. Dino assumed the role of “maestro” and began single-handedly to produce his brother’s old designs and ultimately his own., His skillful use of “calcedonia” glass is unique and makes his pieces recognizable and highly collectible.

Dino Rosin uses the ancient technique of “calcedonia” coloration for his glass works of art. Each sculpture has its own unique coloration, not to be duplicated. Colors range from bright yellows to deep purples, varying on the metals used, temperature and duration the glass is in the furnace. There are many styles to choose from but no two are ever identical. In Dino Rosin’s works, the designs are similar but colors will always vary.

Dino Rosin’s work is shown at many galleries throughout the United States. His first personal appearance tour in America in 1993 was a great success and he has continued to visit galleries to much acclaim. He has made several gallery appearances through the United States, culminating in a one-man show at the prestigious Corning Museum in Corning, New York.

Calcedonia is one of the oldest one of the rarest types of glass. It was first developed on Mourn during the mid Fifteenth Century and is generally attributed to the master Angelo Braver whose firm was producing items in Calcedonia in 1460. For 500 years the mystery of calcedonia has fascinated the world. Items made in calcedonia are among the most treasured holdings of the most famous museums. Although Antonio Neri devoted twelve fulI pages to the description of this glass in his 1612 treatise, L'arte vetraia, the uncertainties and difficulties of its production were resolved only by the masters of Murano and lost with the fall of the Venetian Republic. The secret of the production of calcedonia was finally rediscovered by Lorenzo Radi in 1856 but lost again by the turn of this century. In 1977 the master Loredano Rosin, working with his brother Dino, again achieved the miracle of calcedonia, using this ancient and historical glass to produce hand made sculpture of modem style and design.

Calcedonia, as its name implies, is a type of glass that echoes the multicolored striations of the zoned agate. The colors, shades-and markings of the mysterious calcedonia result from a chemical process intrinsic to each batch of glass; a reaction based on the effect of the silver on the other minerals and substances used to make glass. Even today the production of calcedonia is an expensive and unpredictable process, more akin to alchemy than to chemistry. While the action of silver on the other materials generally results in a blend of colors - browns, greens, and hint of blue - the exact shades and degree of striation cannot be controlled and vary from day to day and item to item. Each piece is a unique and irrepeatable work of art combining an ancient technical process with the best of modem craftsmanship.

DINO ROSIN—Born in Venice in 1948,  Dino Rosin was taken by his family while still an infant to live on Murano, the glass-producing island in the Venice lagoon. At age 12 Rosin began work as an apprentice at one of the island's oldest and most renowned glass factories. His love for glass working gave him the chance to quickly earn a reputation. In 1988, Rosin was invited to demonstrate his way of working molten glass at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State that was founded by Dale Chihuly.  It is a collaboration that Dino Rosin has kept up ever since. Rosin's work is carried in only the finest galleries in the world and he is considered one of the most skilled glass artists working today.  Calcedonia Glass

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