Denny Dent John Lennon 92 Original Painting Museum Quality Beatles 53x69 Signed


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Artist: Denny Dent (Learn More About: Denny Dent)
Title: Elvis
Size: 68 1/4" x 52 1/2"

We have a very rare situation available for sale here. Denny Deny at one time experienced theft of his paintings. As a result when he finished some of his paintings he did not sign them until they were sold or given to someone else. This is one of those paintings he had hidden away and signed after the fact. This is a later in life Elvis piece. As you can see before he sold his one he went back and signed in pencil. After his short run of doing this he figured out other ways to keep an eye on his paintings and started to sign them again. For more information you can call the Denny Dent studio and they will fill you in on the this complete story and be able to tell you over the phone this is authentic and falls into that category of Dent paintings.

This piece comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity and our lifetime exchange policy you can read about below. The piece includes shipping. The piece is currently not framed. The paper on this piece is in excellent condition with no notable signs of wear which is extremely rare with his paintings.

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