Dale Chihuly Rare Prototype Macchia 2002 1/1 Original Rare Glass Sculpture

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Dale Chihuly one of kind Macchia Rare!!  Nicest on the Market

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Product Description

Artist: Dale Chihuly
Title:  One of a Kind Prototype Red and Blue Macchia
Size:  8" x 8.5" x 9.5"
Year: 2002
Edition: One of a kind Prototype
Condition: Signed and dated by Chihuly in Mint condition.  Includes Acrylic Display Vitrine

This piece was hand picked at Chihuly Studios.  It was a prototype and one of a kind piece that was considered going to a series.  This beautiful piece was far to complex and difficult to produce and never made it to the portland press series.  Without a doubt this is the finest Macchia we have ever offered and the finest currently available on the entire market.   The piece is listed with the best offer option.  The first to meet our bottomline will take this gorgeous piece home and call it theirs!

Derived from the Latin macula, the Italian word “macchia” connotes simply a stain or a spot, but it has a much richer range of meaning. Since the Renaissance, macchia has been associated with a sketchy way of applying the initial color to a drawing or painting. Particularly appropriate for the late style of the Venetian painter Titian, the word characterizes his emphasis on brushwork and summary treatment of form. In the seventeenth century, macchia designated the special quality of improvisational sketches that appear to be nature’s miraculous creation rather than mere human work.

Two centuries later, attention was transferred from the work of art to its creator; at that time, macchia signified the initial idea originating in the mind or eye of the artist that becomes the focus of a sketch. This later, highly romantic definition that emphasized the power of artists to reveal nature through their special sensibilities served as a basis for the art of the Macchiaioli, the Italian counterpart to the French Impressionists.

The Italian artist Italo Scanga suggested Macchia as the title of the series of work begun in 1981 by Dale Chihuly. The ability of the word “macchia” to encapsulate the concept of the spontaneous outpouring of artistic sensibility may have been the reason why Scanga recommended it to his friend. The word choice encompasses more than the mere fact that a distinguishing feature of this series is the artist’s preference for splotches of color. When Chihuly appropriates the term “Macchia” for his series, he gives back to the word some of its traditional meanings, particularly the emphasis on spontaneity, on artistic collaboration with technique rather than mere control of it, and on close kinship between artist and nature. His works with their vibrant dashes of color embody both interpretations of the sketch: the artist’s conception and the initial realization of it.

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