Bob Ross Original Painting Nature Mountain Scene Art Pop Culture Icon Documented


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Artist: Bob Ross (Learn More About: Bob Ross)
Medium: Wet on Wet Oil on Canvas Canvas
Size: 18"x24"" Framed: 24"x 30"
We buy and sell Bob Ross. Interested in aquiring a Bob Ross Painting, but can't find one in your budget? We are constantly buying and selling. Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know if we have it or put you on the list for our next. We also buy Bob Ross. Expect to net what you would if you were to sell online. Contact us for more information

This piece came from a private collection and a well known Bob Ross instructor. This piece came directly from that instructor and we have all the original documentation showing the transfer. It has also been authenticated by Bob Ross and includes all of that paperwork and serial numbers associated with this original The Pop Culture Icon Bob Ross and his painting.

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