53x53 Steve Kaufman Marilyn Monroe Unique original Painting Hollywood Large


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Artist: Steve Kaufman (Learn More About: Steve Kaufman)
Title: Marilyn
Medium: Original Hand Painted Screen Print
Size Framed: 53.5" x 53.5"
Size Unframed: 47.5" x 47.5"
Edition size: Unique (Kaufman's unique editions consisted of 1-5 pieces generally)
Condition: The condition of this piece is outstanding.  
One minor flaw in the upper right in the canvas that we did our very best to capture with high light and a professional photographer. The piece is extremely bright and the canvas is in outstanding condition. This is the largest and nicest Marilyn every offered on the internet. The piece has been professionally mounted and framed. The framing was done using the hardboard method with reversible glue. Should you ever want to free up the canvas lightly heat with a hair drying and the piece will come off with no residue. What is great about this method and most popular with our customers is that it eliminates any fatigue in the stretch and gives a rich solid look as you can see from the pictures. Even though the technique costs more the framing and shipping are free!

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