Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin

A born Venetian, Dino Rosin is one of the rare masters of glass sculpture in the world today. His free-standing sculptures feature unique characteristics, impossible to duplicate, as they testify to the artist’s unprecedented skill.

Dino Rosin’s life story shows a somewhat old-world path, since he left school at the age of 12 to start his apprenticeship at Barovier and Toso glassworks in the island of Murano, where he grew up. Thirteen years later, he joined his brothers, Loredano and Mirko, starting to create glass sculptures at their family factory Artvet. Twelve years into the craft, Dino joined Loredano as his assistant in the newly established studio in 1975, where the pair rose to international prominence as glass sculptors and craftsmen.

With his mastery in glass becoming a known fact, Dino Rosin was invited to teach freehand glass sculpture by Pilchuck Glass School in Washington in 1988, along with another renowned glass artist. In 1991, his brother Loredano died, leaving the artist suffering from a deep personal loss. A year later, he opened another glass studio with his living brothers.

In this glass “factory”, Rosin dedicated his time by exploring the world of glass, always aiming to perfect the form by enhancing its simplicity, while highlighting the translucency and richness of the glass. His creative process is based on a 15th-century “calcedonia” technique, a method that allows a full spectrum of colors to appear in a piece by changing the metals used in glass melting, as well as the temperature and the time glass spends in the furnace. His palette ranges from completely transparent glass, over brightest yellows and greens, descending into deep purple and night sky hues. While the range of colors throughout his body of work remains similar, there is not one single piece identical to another, even if they follow the same form. Such individuality of works in combination with the perfect finish is what makes Dino Rosin’s works highly collectible.

For over twenty years, Dino Rosin’s work has been displayed around the world, while he welcomes visitors into his Murano studio as well. His work is often displayed in galleries in the United States, while the peak of his exhibiting career was a solo exhibition at the Corning Museum in Corning, New York.

Dino Rosin was born in Venice in 1948. He lives and works in Murano, Venice.

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