Henry Asencio

Tranquility Original Oil on Board Painting Signed Contemporary Art

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Artist: Henry Asencio
Title: Tranquility
Medium: Original Oil on Board
Size: 24” x 48” unframed ; 36” x 60” framed
Inscription: Signed
Year: 2006
Edition: Original
Condition: Good condition overall, request condition report for specific information
Documentation: Includes Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

Both passionate and peaceful, Henry Asencio’s “Tranquility” highlights what the artist does best. While he started his career as a photorealist, Asencio’s transition to his current style of neo-impressionism has allowed him to be a more emotional artist, painting what he feels instead of only what he sees. The best attributes of that transition are on display in “Tranquility,” where Asencio explores complex emotion through his color pallet and compositional choices. Also on display are Asencio’s recognizable heavy brush strokes, bold use of color, and abstracted visual elements. Henry Asencio’s original oil on board “Tranquility” painting is signed by the artist and comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

Henry Asencio is an American figurative artist best known for his oil paintings of the female form. Born in 1971, he was a self-taught until his mid-twenties and experimented with several styles over the course of his art career. In 1999, he graduated from the San Francisco Academy of Art University and was selected as an Artist's Magazine finalist in portraiture. Initially considered a photorealist, Asencio’s ability to created extraordinarily lifelike renderings served as an ideal foundation for the individualized brand of neo-impressionism he would ultimately explore.

In 2000, Henry Asencio officially launched his fine art career with mixed media, limited edition prints. The prints combined elements of both lithography and serigraphy and were finished with hand painting. His new, neo-impressionist style has been referred to both abstract expressionism and abstract realism, combining elements from a range of artistic influences. His artwork features bold colors, heavy brushstrokes, and rich texture. His background in photorealism assures that the dimensions and forms are always believable, but Asencio’s art is fluid and intentionally imperfect in its execution.

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